Foundy is on a mission to completely modernise the way you sell, buy or invest in startups.

The traditional process of completing acquisitions, secondary share sales and investment rounds is stuck in the past.

Foundy is bringing it into the digital age.

We believe in the power of businesses solving real-world problems whilst delivering life improving rewards for shareholders and their families.

Now, buying and selling stakes in businesses can be made simple, efficient and, dare I say it – enjoyable! 

Every idea sparks from frustration. This was ours:
The traditional M&A market is simply broken.

From finding the right buyers to hoping you have the right advisor on your side to the mountains of paperwork and legal processes to navigate; the system is fragmented, disjointed and out of date.

Every step of the way presents a new, complicated series of obstacles for both buyers and sellers to overcome. 

Having experienced the traditional startup M&A and fundraising markets first-hand, we know that it can be a rollercoaster trying to manoeuvre the ups and downs, at an excruciatingly glacial pace.

Now, we’re on a mission to redefine the process of selling shares in startups. We’re shaking the dust off this tired industry and bringing it into the 21st century.

We’re making it easier than ever to buy and sell partial or 100% equity stakes in startups on our platform, helping founders to find their future.

Why Foundy? - Our Founder and CEO
JP Lewin explains:

“As a repeat startup founder, I have learned many helpful lessons about not only scaling a tech company, but also how to navigate the complicated fundraising and acquisition processes. 

After having built my last company, an urban transport rental marketplace, to over 30 staff and winning contracts worth 7 figures I finally sold the company, but over a year after we were first contacted by potential buyers. The whole M&A journey was a nightmare. My first hand experience is what has fueled my passion to create an accessible, easy-to-use marketplace for founders, buyers and investors. 

Because, “this is the way it’s always been done” is not a valid reason to keep doing things the old way 😩. It is 2022! We are in the digital era now where founders of businesses, regardless of their size, need to have access to the right buyer pool and support infrastructure to complete life changing deals. No longer should the M&A industry be largely set up to serve the needs of $30m valued businesses and above.

There is now an easier, simpler and faster way to sell a business.

And it starts with Foundy; your go-to marketplace for buying, selling or investing in a startup. We are here to support everyone from bootstrappers to post series A startups to seamlessly connect with buyers and advisors to help complete mutually lucrative deals.

With the help of €1.5 million in funding and experience of our VC and angel investors who also have experience building and exiting businesses, we are on a mission to support other founders as they build their companies, raise capital and then when the time comes then sell part or all of their company. 

What lessons around M&A did I gain from scaling my last company to exit?

Lesson 1:

We found: The traditional M&A market is broken: unnecessarily drawn out, mystifying and expensive. 

So, at Foundy: Our technology streamlines the process, delivering results without the stress, complexity and cost.

Lesson 2:

We found: Reaching out to direct competitors creates risk and vulnerability for your shareholders.

So, at Foundy: All listings are anonymous, meaning you* decide when to share sensitive information.

Lesson 3:

We found: Smaller startups don’t have access to quality buyer pools and support infrastructure.

So, at Foundy: A large network of screened Buyers is ready and waiting, along with professional 3rd party M&A advisors, our internal team and dedicated resources to guide you through every step of the journey.

Lesson 4:

We found: The secondaries market doesn’t support smaller companies.

So, at Foundy: Our platform opens up secondaries to shareholders in startups of all shapes and sizes to liquidate some or all of their stock to reduce risk. This is an increasingly sought after feature from investors, as some of them may not want to wait for a full exit which may be 5 to 10 years away or might not come at all.

Foundy is here to serve the rapidly growing community of “buy then build” entrepreneurs, institutional buyers and investors who recognise the clear logic of investing in proven businesses rather than starting from scratch.


Foundy is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We support your business no matter what stage of the journey you’re at. 


Creating a clear and accessible acquisition process is what we do. We aim to provide clarity through the  unknown.


Our platform is community-led and packed with founders of SaaS, e-Commerce and online businesses as well as buyers, investors and M&A advisors.

Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

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