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CEO of startup currently on the marketplace

“Honestly, the process was so simple and easy that it also felt too good to be true - amazing job.”

Oliver Bruce @OliverBrucePR

@foundyglobal It has been great working with Foundy's team and their pioneering technology. I am particularly interested in finding startups with a bright future to either invest in, or acquire ultimately diversifying my portfolio.

(hug)London @hug_london

New challenger brand Foundy has created a powerful, beautiful M&A marketplace platform that can make dreams come true for any ambitious founder 🙌. @foundyglobal

Fuel Ventures @fuelventures

@foundyglobal is helping tech founders achieve one of their major goals when founders start their business. That is a life-changing exit, both for their families and their shareholders! This is not one to miss… 👀

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Startup type Marketplace
Asking price $ 1M
No. of customers 101 to 500
Annual revenue $ 200k
Startup age 6 year
Acquisition type Full


A data driven platform to enable fast financing, valuation certainty and refurb imagery to ensure that buyers buy the right home, and homeowners grow equity value through sustainable refurbishments.

Customer-focused, fast-growing, tech-savvy

Startup type Other
Asking price $ 400k
No. of customers 5001 to 25000
Annual revenue $ 212k
Startup age 2 years
Acquisition type Full, Majority


As the market for electronic devices has aggressively grown in the last 10-15 years, there is a significant gap in the after-care service market with little to no choice for customer for a reputable, high quality service that also meets the "on-demand" needs of tech-savvy customers. We have been setup to revolutionise this industry by connecting certified engineers to customers. In simple words, we are leveraging technology to bring high-quality tech repair services to customers.

B2B Enterprise SaaS Reseller - £300k EBITDA - high profile customer list

Startup type SaaS
Asking price $ 3M
No. of customers 11 to 50
Annual revenue $ 1.7M
Startup age 4 years
Acquisition type Full, Majority, Minority


A UK-based B2B value-added reseller (VAR) focusing on selling workplace Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to high-profile fast-growing disruptive companies. Our SaaS vendors include Google, Microsoft, Box, Okta, OneLogin, BetterCloud, CloudFlare and many more. Our customers are predominantly tech/fintech companies such as Starling Bank and Monday.com.