Sell your business up to 4x faster and for the maximum valuation with Foundy

Selling your business used to be riddled with unnecessary complexity, fees and stress. Foundy’s founder, JP Lewin and investors know this first hand having scaled and led various businesses to exits.

It’s time for a change.

Foundy’s marketplace brings the acquisition process into the 21st century, helping you sell your Startup efficiently, securely and safely.

The M&A industry has been stuck in the past. Foundy brings selling your business into the digital era.

Foundy is on a mission to modernise the acquisition and investment industry.

We’re eliminating the unnecessary barriers, outdated processes and exorbitant costs of the traditional acquisition process. We empower founders and buyers to realise their dreams and find their futures.

Foundy is your go-to platform for founders interested in selling all or part of their Startup

The old way to sell a Startup

The Foundy way to sell a Startup

Step 1

Set up your FREE account in just 15 minutes

The process of selling a company can be unnecessarily complicated, slow and expensive — especially if you’ve never done it before.

That’s why we created Foundy. It makes the M&A process easier for everybody. We’ve streamlined the process, making it faster and more efficient, so that you can get a fair deal for your business without the unnecessary stress.

It takes just 15 minutes to set up your account. Our simple step-by-step process only asks for crucial information about your Startup. To secure buyer interest, all you need to provide is: 

  • Personal details.
  • Basic Startup information.
  • Listing details.

Once you’ve verified your account, your free, anonymous listing will be added to the Foundy marketplace.

Step 2

Get expert advice from M&A and legal experts

One of the trickiest parts of the M&A process is knowing who to speak to for advice. You can find yourself spending hours and hours doing the research and trawling through seemingly endless search results.

But who’s got time for that when you’re running a Startup?

Foundy brings everything you need for a successful acquisition under one roof. Our platform gives you easy access to credible, vetted M&A experts and legal advisors. So whatever help you need along the way, Foundy’s got your back.

Step 3

Connect with credible buyers

Once your FREE listing is live, potential buyers can view your Startup and see if it’s the investment they’ve been looking for.

If a buyer bites, they’ll send you a request for more details about your business. It’s up to you whether you give them access.

With information exchanged, you can start negotiations. If you’re both happy after that, prepare for a successful acquisition or investment and start thinking about what’s next.

“Foundy is helping founders achieve one of their major goals — a life-changing exit.”

CEO of startup currently on the marketplace

“Thanks for setting up Foundy – it is exactly what start ups like us really need. We have very limited resources, including the resource and skill set to find the right buyer so this is an amazing service for us.”

CEO of startup currently on the marketplace

“Honestly, the process was so simple and easy that it also felt too good to be true - amazing job.”

Oliver Bruce @OliverBrucePR

@foundyglobal It has been great working with Foundy's team and their pioneering technology. I am particularly interested in finding startups with a bright future to either invest in, or acquire ultimately diversifying my portfolio.

(hug)London @hug_london

New challenger brand Foundy has created a powerful, beautiful M&A marketplace platform that can make dreams come true for any ambitious founder 🙌. @foundyglobal

Fuel Ventures @fuelventures

@foundyglobal is helping tech founders achieve one of their major goals when founders start their business. That is a life-changing exit, both for their families and their shareholders! This is not one to miss… 👀

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Startup type Marketplace
Asking price $ 1M
No. of customers 101 to 500
Annual revenue $ 200k
Startup age 6 year
Acquisition type Full


A data driven platform to enable fast financing, valuation certainty and refurb imagery to ensure that buyers buy the right home, and homeowners grow equity value through sustainable refurbishments.

Customer-focused, fast-growing, tech-savvy

Startup type Other
Asking price $ 400k
No. of customers 5001 to 25000
Annual revenue $ 212k
Startup age 2 years
Acquisition type Full, Majority


As the market for electronic devices has aggressively grown in the last 10-15 years, there is a significant gap in the after-care service market with little to no choice for customer for a reputable, high quality service that also meets the "on-demand" needs of tech-savvy customers. We have been setup to revolutionise this industry by connecting certified engineers to customers. In simple words, we are leveraging technology to bring high-quality tech repair services to customers.

B2B Enterprise SaaS Reseller - £300k EBITDA - high profile customer list

Startup type SaaS
Asking price $ 3M
No. of customers 11 to 50
Annual revenue $ 1.7M
Startup age 4 years
Acquisition type Full, Majority, Minority


A UK-based B2B value-added reseller (VAR) focusing on selling workplace Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to high-profile fast-growing disruptive companies. Our SaaS vendors include Google, Microsoft, Box, Okta, OneLogin, BetterCloud, CloudFlare and many more. Our customers are predominantly tech/fintech companies such as Starling Bank and